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Tenants in a domestic rental property

Residents in a body corporate (e.g. apartment block)

Tenants in a commercial office building

Landlords maintain their properties

Store leaseholders

New homeowners



Flowtech Plumbing and Roofing Gold Coast are real estate and body corporate maintenance plumbing professionals. We understand the need for accurate and detailed reporting and invoicing from contractors that’s reliable and efficient.  Flowtech plumbing prides itself as a trusted real estate and body corporate property management agency guaranteeing a 24 hour response.



Real Estate and Commercial Plumbing Professionals

Flowtech Plumbing Gold Coast specialise in building solid relationships with real estates and body corporate management offering a unique service and tailored approach to both your residential and commercial clients.

As part of your property management network, we can help your clients:

Gold Coast Plumbing
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